Retail Design

Stores have become the most important border for corporate strategies, just like stores communication aspect will become more and more important to enstablish a new relationship with the consumer. Shopping places have turned into “seduction and conquer weapons” for the consumer, who needs today more than ever to see shopping as a moment of fun and never-ending discovery. Retail is made from some important factors, like for example logistics, commercial programming, merchandising, after sale, brand coherence. These aspects must be accordant to each other, and respect strategic choices and communication that the firm want to give about itself.

Un-real Studio has years of experience in the definition of new commercial communication languages, defining new form of interrelation between products and consumers. Our Design team adopt all the fundamental rules for a correct retail space design, going through every aspect, from lay-out and paths definition, up to colours, illumination study, olfactory mounting and sound design.