INV Occhiali INVista Nuovo Moradei

INV Glasses INVista Client: INVista, January 2015 New store of Glasses INVista franchise based in Scandicci. This is not only a store, but also a higly specialized place for every necessity in the optics field: from labs for tuning glasses and frames, to clinics with an high specialization in conctactology.

LaClinique DNA Point

DNA Point LaCLinique Client: LaCLINIQUE, May 2014 The latest news of LaCLINIQUE® franchising is a store that provides ultra-customized treatments based on DNA. Un-real Studio transformed LaCLINIQUE® concept, applied before for the 2014 format, enriching it with new solutions and details, creating a space that is both minimal and functional.

Franchising Format LaClinique 2014

Franchising Format LaClinique 2014 Client: LaCLINIQUE, May 2014 The 2014 Format of LaCLINIQUE franchising is reality. Un-real Studio realized the concept design of this new format, following franchise innovative aspects. The concept was born from the fusion between the formal character of the medical clinic and the functionality and interaction of a sale-oriented space. LaCLINIQUE licensed…

Nike Koala Sport Corner

Nike Koala Sport Corner Client: Nike Italia, February 2013 Un-real Studio realized the new Corner Project for Koala Sport Milano, specialized store with over 30 years of experience in the running shoes selling. The corner design follows the Nike Running guidelines, using materials such as burnished steel, wood and plexiglass. The touch screen gives you information about…