Florent Apartaments

Florent Apartaments Client: Florent Apartaments, February 2013 Founded in 2013 by Alessandro Maddalena and Luca Andreotti Loire, Florent Appartments is a company that deals with prestigious tourist rental apartments in Florence. Un-real Studio has created the logo and the corporate image of the company.

Kardo Corporate

Kardo Corporate Client: Kardo s.r.l., January 2013 Kardo S.r.l. is a training, communication and publishing agency, which is proposed as the only strategic partner for project management, medical and scientific communication. Established in 2013 by Consuelo Palella and Vittorio Mellini, Kardo has hired to Un-real Studio the design of their corporate identity and graphic website.

A.M.E EGOmino

A.M.E. EGOmino Client: A.M.E. s.r.l. Advanced Microwave Engineering, Settember 2011 A.M.E. Advanced Microwave Engineering, is an italian company that was founded in 1999 from the encounter of systems skills with a consolidated know-how in the field of electronic technologies, high frequency and microwave sensors. A.M.E. has developed its own technology and earned numerous patents, offering professional…