Union Binding Showcase

Client: A4 Distribution S.r.l., March 2012

Union Binding Co. is an independent Italian brand which founded his business on the production of snowboard binding, among the best in the international market. Un-real Studio has developped a new concept display. Designed in three different types, the Shelf and Totem display are fully jointed.

This unprecedented feature allows the orientation of the snowboard bindings in multiple positions. The display structure is characterized by an articulated arm made of Igus nodes and black anodized aluminum tubular. The fixing support with Union logo silkscreened has two holes, the binding is fixed to the display as is done with the snowboard, but with the use of only two screws. The Shelves display structure consists by two components, aluminum shelf and polycarbonate fixing support. The Shelf and Shelves displays are designed to be fixed on linear wall with aluminum tracks.