Symmetry Concept Yatch

Client: Seatec Mida, January 2010

Symmetry is the result of the overcoming of rigidities and boundries in yatch design, achieved by distorting the classic aesthetic rules. Unique in his genre, Symmetry is designed to optimize spaces and obtain the maximum comfort possible. The hull, made from bamboo panels, is delineated by linear form like the decks. Glazed lateral surfaces guarantee a moltiplication of the natural light and a great increasing of the space, without changing the height and the armony of the boat.

Symmetry revolution the relationship between external spaces and sea too, thanks to the wide stern zone and to the bow projections. To optimize the asset, there is just one central helm. The innovative strumentation, with capacitive keys and touch screens, make navigation much easier. The flap, beside having an aerodynamic function, create a sheltered space useful during navigation, creating moreover a scenographic entrance when pulled up.

Symmetry is auto-powered thanks to a solar panel system made by 40 polycrystalline silicon cells, placed as a deck coating, and two retractile wind turbines. Conditioning is provided by a clever recirculation system with heat exchangers into the hull, in contact with water. The elegant and dynamic line is studied to make Symmetry a fast and sporty boat, but at the same time perfect for the ones who love luxury and perfection down to the smallest detail.