Sicep Personal Tracker

Client: Sicep S.p.a., July 2011

Sicep S.p.a., is a big company, egaged since 1978 in the creation and distribution of security products for property defence, personal integrity, rescue. Sicep has entrusted to Un-real Studio the realizzation of the design of many products, including the Personal Tracker.

The Personal Tracker is a handy and small device for personal safety with GPS system integrated and Gsm/Gprs network technology. It has a red button in case of panic to send an instant help to a Central Station (or series of recipients) with geographical coordinates  included to guarantee a quickly emergency intervention. The Central may establish a conversation with the people in trouble, to request his position and activate, if necessary, the option to monitor in real-time his movement (tracking function). The use of Gsm/Gprs network allows the transfer of high-speed signals, with low costs of traffic and its use throughout the country without limits (in relation to the provider chosen).