Project Skull

Client: Indipendent project, June 2011

Project born form the collaboration with Fabio Anfossi artist, and a range of scientific institutions such as the Museum of Natural History at The University of Florence and the Laboratory of Geomatics and Communication of Environmental Heritage “GeCo” at the Faculty of Architecture.

Project Skull has the scientific objective to study the conformations of skulls of extinct or endangered of extinction species in different scales and high detail. The project has also the intention to amaze people and increase their awareness to safeguard native and non-native species in the areas they inhabit. The reproductions vary from reduced prototypes to sculptures over 3 meters high. The partnership with The Museum of Zoology and Natural History, the oldest science museum in Europe, has allowed us to come into close contact with the unique finds from the osteological collections like the Hippopotamus Amphibius Linnaeus, the Panthera Pardus, the Talicino, the Cheloinoidea and many others, with the possibility to reproduce them in truthful installations.

Among the images, an exemple of mathematical mesh, the result of the three-dimensional optical triangulation scanning on the Panthera Pardus skull. The scans were carried out by the Geometica Laboratory “Geco”, specialized in the development of modern methods of integrated survey.