Plose Wellness Hotel

Client: Wellcom S.r.l, August 2010

The four stars Wellness Hotel Plose, located in Bressanone on Mount Plose, is the ultimate expression of comfort and design that harmonizes with the surrounding green spaces, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

Un-real Studio along with Studio Asaggio and architects Merano Wolfgang and Giovanni Giorgi was responsible for the interior design, which included a bar with lounge area, asylum, big restaurant, swimming pool with whirlpool, spa area and a magnificent terrace.

All the rooms have been designed in natural and durable materials taken from the surrounding areas: fir, pine and larch, naturally dried and treated with beeswax, beige walls in clay breathable lime plaster, granite, cotton and linen colored with natural pigments. The Design Suites was created not only to provide a wonderful vacation, but it is also equipped with all the technological breakthroughs that allow you to work better in the relaxing atmosphere of your room.