Epidemic Happiness Street Furniture Contest Light's Fold

Client: Farm Cultural Park, October 2012

Un-real Studio takes part with the Light’s fold project to the Epidemic Happiness Street Furniture Contest organized by Desall and Farm Cultural Park. Light’s fold interprets the joy of rediscovering the ancient tradition of origami, new aesthetic forms, offering interactive technology solutions that involve the people passing by. Light’s fold is a public lighting device, seat and sculpture, which projects through the off-scale into a upside down reality. The presence of the QR-Code allows the user to manage the color variations of light using a smartphone.

Light’s fold is made with sheet metal Fe 360B with a thickness of 15 mm., assembled by folding and welding. The paints used are based on titanium dioxide, making Light’s fold photocatalytic (Photocatalysis is a chemical process which is activated by exposure to light and breaks down dirt and smog, eliminating smells and bacteria). The source of illuminizazione is ensured by two bars led, oriented with 140° emission angles. The color temperature during operation is 2900 K, warm light, particularly suitable for squares and streets lighting. Light’s Fold is fixed to the ground with concrete plinth.