A.M.E. EGOpro Safety Move Cover Display & Alarm Unit

Client: A.M.E. S.r.l., August 2016

The anti-collision solution EGOpro Safe MOVE, decrease the risks of accidents between fork-lift trucks and workers in common working areas to a minimum level.

The system add value to the vehicle in terms of security, technologically differentiating the lift truck. The system has a real-time report to the driver, with visual and sound alerts, signaling other workers presence and position in a danger area situated around the moving vehicle, all equipped with an active DPI. The system thus allows the driver to intervene quickly in order to avoid impacts with other workers or vehicles by adopting the necessaries security measures.

The Alarm Unit cover, realized in plastics, is characterized by two removable protection supports, customizable with a variety of colours. The Cover has a LED visual alarm system placed on the front.