A.M.E. EGOmino

Client: A.M.E. s.r.l. Advanced Microwave Engineering, Settember 2011

A.M.E. Advanced Microwave Engineering, is an italian company that was founded in 1999 from the encounter of systems skills with a consolidated know-how in the field of electronic technologies, high frequency and microwave sensors.

A.M.E. has developed its own technology and earned numerous patents, offering professional and flexible solutions in the field of automatic identification (RFID) enabled, wireless technologies and sensors for industrial applications. The modularity and mastery of technology, allow A.M.E. to develop multiple solutions from the Security and Safety, logistics, automation and control of industrial processes.

EGOmino is the cute three-dimensional character, mascot of A.M.E., created by Un-real Studio to highlight the different professional services offered by A.M.E.. Un-real Studio is partner of A.M.E. dealing with the company’s corporate identity and product development.