A.M.E. AMS R1 Lab Cover

Cliente: A.M.E. S.r.l., Agosto 2016

AMS R1 Lab is a laboratory instrument that measures water level in a sheet of paper or cellulose. AMS R1 Lab aim is to provide a fast and reliable measurement of a material sample consistency. It has a measure unit that allows to have maximum precision and measure reproducibility.

AMS R1 Lab is easy to use, the operator only has to take an A4 sample of the material he wants to test, set the zero before starting a new measurement, put the sample on the appropriate support and then insert the support inside the instrument, then start the measurement.

The humidity value is visualized on the screen right after the measurement finish. It doesn’t necessitate a dryness process (which requires time). The touch screen display has intuitive menus, allowing the operator to execute all the necessary functions like zero setting or consistency evaluation. Thanks to the high measuring rate and the system performance, the humidity value of the water inside the sample is measured in real time and shown on the display in terms of water density (g/m2) and humidity.

Un-real Studio designed and engineered, prototyped and produced the polycarbonate and Alucubond cover.