Maxwell Render, The Light Simulator - Promo Code "Find the Secret Code"

Collaborazione di Un-real Studio con Next Limit – Maxwell Render, per la creazione contenuto “Promo Code”.

“Hello everyone! ????

Spring is finally coming with its incredible sunsets and those colors and lights that make us fall in love.
Because of this, we want to reward your fidelity playing with lights!!

How? A promo code is hidden in the image, play with the lights, find it and enjoy a 30% discount on all our Maxwell products!!

Here are the instructions you have to follow:

FREE download and install Maxwell Multilight if you don’t have it already
Download the .mxi scene
Open the scene in Multilight
Play with the light settings and find the hidden promo code!
Use it on our webshop and get your Maxwell license with a 30% off!”.