In the age of digital image, we can no longer do without photography. Photography is the most immediate tool to recognize a person, an object, a place, or to symbolize the value associated with your company. Every image destined to be enjoyed by the end user must be not only pleasant and of great impact, but also technically perfect.

Un-real 3D in collaboration with Keeho Casati (Blocco C), makes available to its customers, besides suitable equipment and an open space in which it directly realizes photographic shooting, expert photographers, competence and professionalism also in post production.

Photography for advertising is creativity and experience. For this reason, we create professional photographic services, in the studio or outside, to enhance your products and to make your publications really personalized. Advertising photographs of still life, fashion, ambient & interior, Industrial, portrait, reportage, always consistent with your brand and what you want to communicate.


From the casting of the models to the production work, from the choice of the room to the effects of post-production, our studio deals with all the aspects that compose a photographic shooting.

The attention to detail and the participation of many professionals in the sector are the basis of a meticulous activity that considers lights, lines and spaces with the aim of enhancing the customer’s work and obtaining natural and exciting shots.

Completing the creation phase is added a photo-editing operation made with dedicated software, essential if you require a perfect graphic layout or the creation of fashion catalogues.

Still Life

Taking a photograph of still life means capturing the soul of an inanimate object. A-real Studio associate is able to achieve high quality shots that can be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

We have the necessary equipment to set up different types of sets and we are able to create images that exalt the characteristics of a product.

The use of theme environments, studied to context the subject and tell the story connected to it, gives the click that artistic footprint that makes a photograph appealing and suitable for an advertising campaign able to capture interest of the general public.

Interior & Outdoor

In the contemporary world the images are everywhere and more important than ever. Whether you want to sell your home, promote your location, show the world your company or attract guests to your hotel or Bed & breakfast, they will probably have the pictures to talk about before you.

The right image shows your professionalism and affects the customer’s eye: The fascination of the photo should never be neglected.