Virtual Architecture Master

Virtual Architecture Master

Our Masters offer a complete training that goes through all the steps that lead to the perfect definition of a project, from concept research and definition, to its development through engineering phase, up to its representation and communication.

The teaching follows a “user centered” approach, which focus on our method of design process, the same used succesfully from our design team Un-real Studio. The aim of our Masters is to provide a complete “tools” of softwares instruments and computer graphic techniques, increasing designer’s skills in a professional perspective.

Issuing Authorized Certification

At the end of the Master course, for all those who have reached the minimum required objectives, the following certifications will be issued:
  • Official Certification Rhinoceros level I and II recognized McNeel.
  • Official Certification Maxwell Render recognized Next Limit

To whom our training are recommended

Our Master classes are postgraduate courses, non-university, specialized in the computer graphics sector applied to design and architecture that are directed to graduates and students interested in a specialization in the field of digital architecture or Virtual and interior and exterior design. The training offer provides an advanced deepening of the disciplines in the program while not requiring previous notions and basic software knowledge.

Our Offer

The Master will provide a total of 84 hours of training distributed in 6 weeks (14 hours per week) and have a cost of €2500.


The Master course includes the development of two concepts of architecture (e.g. residential, multifunctional, commercial) through 2 specific phases:

  • PHASE 1: Rhinoceros Level I Course (21 hours), 2d and 3d Nurbs Modeling of plants, prospectuses and furnishings taken into consideration starting from two-dimensional sketches (7 hours), rendering with Maxwell render (14 hours) and Maxon C4D (14 hours).
  • PHASE 2: Rhinoceros level II Course (14 hours), finalizzazine of the two projects through advanced 3d modeling (7 hours), advanced rendering of the models created with mixed techniques of render and compositing (7 hours).