Rhino Clayoo Training

Clayoo, created by TDM Solutions, is an advanced application for the creation of organic design of any complexity. It is characterized by a tool easy to use. Clayoo’s compatibility with Rhinoceros is very good, ensuring a perfect conversion between the CLAYOO environment and the NURBS environment.


Modeling in 3d with Clayoo, it’s almost like hand shaping. It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting from a sketch, an image, or a solid, it’s the ease with which you handle changes by using control points, surfaces, or surface edges, which makes the difference.

With Clayoo you can vary the levels of detail, on every part of the 3d model (for example if we are shaping a face, we can choose to use a higher definition of mesh in correspondence of eyes and eyebrows).

The geometries of Clayoo are perfect for the creation of prototypes. Export to STL format. It generates perfectly closed solids, with perfect continuity between the surfaces that compose them. Very useful function “Retopology”, which allows you to clone complex shapes, starting from existing 3d models (decompiling).

Our Offer


GROUP – 14 hours of training, 2 days of 7 hours. Each day is made up of lessons in the morning and guided exercise in the afternoon. COST: 350€

SINGLE USER – 14 hours of training. Dates and frequencies to be agreed according to the customer’s needs. Each day is made up of lessons and guided exercises. Targeted exercises based on the participant’s employment sector. COST: 420€

• ON-LINE – 14 hours of training. The course can be followed comfortably by the office or home. There are no constraints on schedules and frequency, agreed upon according to customer’s needs. Targeted exercises based on the participant’s employment sector. COST 590€

CUSTOMIZED – Clayoo’s personalized training is designed for companies and professionals, for Clayoo users who want to improve and hone their skills in the realization of organic 3d models. It is a full immersion course totally built on the needs of the customer, in which the most advanced techniques are presented, and solved specific problems related to the organic modelling of surface. Dates and frequency to be agreed according to the customer’s needs. Targeted exercises based on the customer’s area of employment. COST 40€/h

Software Extensions

CLAYOO SUBD – Creation of organic forms of any complexity.

CLAYOO EMBOSS – Embossed modeling starting with vector profiles or images. With the “Raster vector” function you can easily vectorized very complex images too. With Rhino Emboss You can also create embossing and texturizing in 3d.

• CLAYOO SCULPT – Finally we have the opportunity to carve in a digital environment within the Rhinoceros interface. There are many sculpt tools available, including: Brush, creata, flatten, inflate, pinch, smooth, twist, drag.

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