The willingness to create an Authorized Training Center is the result of our great passion for the computer graphics world, combined with the aspiration to transmit to others our “design process”. The software we use for teaching are the same that we use every day in our design department Un-real Studio, engaged for years in the development of projects connected to all the professional design sector.

Our training team is made up of certified trainers, with over 10 years of active and direct experience in the professional design world, and high level training, also in the university field.

The aim of our courses is to train users by transmitting them an innovative and widely experimented method of work, aimed at optimising the processes and the timing project, with the help of the most advanced design and simulation software on the market.



Our masters offer a complete training course, that embraces all the phases that lead to the correct definition of a project, from the research and concept definition, to its development through the engineering phase, up to its representation and communication.

The didactics follows a “user centered” approach, that emphasizes our design process methodology, the same that we successfully use by our design department Un-real Studio. Our Masters purpose is to provide a complete software “tools” complete and computer graphics techniques, honing the designer operative skills, in a professional perspective.

The Software Masters Bundle, varies depending on the choice type (jewerly, fashion accessories and handbags, industrial design, virtual architecture, yacht design) and is composed of Rhinoceros 3d (level I and II), Maxwell Render, Cinema 4d-VRay, Clayoo, SolidWorks.