Un-real 3D in collaboration with Dima 3d Studio offers professional measurement, and 3d high definition scanning services in all sectors, from jewellery to architecture.

Our Offer

Measurements and 3d H.D. Scan

Mechanical contact Measurements (antennas, naval, automotive and aeronautical objects, satellites, etc.) measurements not in contact with architectural or artistic artifacts.

Cloud Point 360°

Creation of a digital map of the object or environment scanned through the acquisition of points.

True View

An elaborate digital consisting of photos 360°, for the visualization, verification of measurements and 3d navigation for the enhancement of environments.


Orthogonal images to planes of interest in high definition of the point cloud or its successive transformations (MESH, surfaces, solids).

Complex Structures

Plants, sections, specific prospects obtainable through a reverse construction process of point clouds.

Dimensional Tests

We carry out dimensional tests for individuals, companies or industries in the mechanical, manufacturing, automotive and aerospace sectors. With qualified control reports.


We carry out checks on temporary structures, buildings, bridges, tunnels and every element that needs alignment checks.


Surveys programmed over time, with permanent targets for monitoring and immediate evidence of changes in structures.

Specific Services


The 3d laser scanner survey allows to acquire in a tight time, metric data of the structures present in the area covered by the mobile station. According to the tool used, you can have precisions ranging from ± 2 mm for architectural surveys, to ± 0.002 mm for mechanical or statuary. A complete 3d survey allows to translate, through a post-processing, the real object into a digital parametric model. The model can be inspected by means of virtual technology, allowing to conduct design studies with a simplicity never allowed before.


The effectiveness of projects in the various sectors, such as: Civil, naval, archaeological, mechanical, aerospace, robotic, depend on the availability of reliable starting data. Having a 3d model of the situation of a structure, allows you to do additional analyses to the required ones, without having to return to the site. In the field of precision mechanics, the scans of components from complex geometries, speed up modeling and redesign of products.


Post-processing is the phase in which the acquired data is processed, keeping in mind the project needs, in order to arrive to a targeted restitution in point clouds. The clouds thus obtained can be elaborated with a reverse ENGINEERING process at various levels:

-1 ° Transformation: Clouds-> Polygonal mesh

-2 ° approximation: Polygonal mesh-> Spline patch

-3 ° refinement: Spline patch-> Editable complex surfaces

-4 ° retouch: Complex surfaces-> Editable solid body

If you do not know which process is suitable for your needs or which 3d model is compatible with your design/modeling programs, you will have a Technical department that will follow you step by step in this choice.