3D Modeling

We can mathematically define any three-dimensional form, from complex organic shapes, to parametric solid models. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the different techniques of professional 3d modeling, un-real 3d is able to offer a highly specialized consulting service, for all the professional sectors of the design, from the jewellery sector and Fashion accessories to mechanical design and engineering.

Polygonal Modeling

It is a modeling system based on the mathematics of mesh polygons that leaves room for improvisation and fantasy, approximate and not precise, but very versatile and intuitive. Polygonal modeling is a bit like working the Playdough, is an organic modeling suitable for contexts where there is no need for a millimeter check, such as modeling characters and animals, nature and orographyc elements.


  • Organic Modeling
  • Study of characters and creatures

Nurbs Modeling

Nurbs geometry (Non-Uniform-B-Spline) is the mathematical algorithm that allows the definition of any shape, from simple vector profiles, to achieve the realization of complex 3d models “Free Form” based on analytical surfaces. It’s a curve-based mathematical modeling that allows perfect control of what you’re going to create. Nurbs mathematics is particularly suitable for the development of concept design projects. The high precision of Nurbs geometries allows the use of 3d models for the phase of product engineering too and the realization of accurate prototypes and moulds.


  • Fashion Jewellery and accessories modeling
  • Shoes Modeling
  • Cars and Yachts Modeling
  • Architectures, Interiors and Furniture modeling
  • Scenic Staging Modeling
  • Mechanical modeling
  • Electronic Products Modeling
  • Medical Equipment Modeling 

Parametric Modeling

It is an extremely precise and accurate operating methodology that uses the techniques of numerical modeling and simulation to develop the product in order to minimize the construction of physical prototypes, with a considerable saving of time and costs. The virtual prototype that is generated allows to perform both simulation activities on the product, such as FEM analysis, dynamic analysis, and simulation on the production processes concerning it, CAD-CAM technologies, rapid prototyping, laser cutting of Sheet metal, Foundry. During its definition, the solid parametric modeling allows to obtain “live” geometries able to be easily modified making possible a fast and dynamic management of the changes.


  • Parts for CAD-CAM modeling
  • Parts for rapid prototyping modeling
  • Feasibility studies
  • Mass distribution Optimization Studies
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Sheet processing and development
  • Running exploded
  • Relief and transposition of physical details in parametric and associative solid models
  • Conversion of paper archives or two-dimensional CAD systems into solid parametric-associative models
  • Prototype development and production
  • Manuals